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Bangle Bracelets

Lab Grown Diamond Bangle Bracelets Made with 18K Recycled white Gold

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Musa Bracelet
Musa Bracelet


Musa Bracelet
Musa Bracelet
Musa Bracelet
yellow gold
rose gold
white gold

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Introducing diamonds without the impact. Choose from a collection of diamond bangle bracelets, all created with real diamonds made in the lab. These stones are fully traceable, and have the same chemical and physical properties as their mined cousins. You’ll find diamonds of 0.5, 1 and 2 carats, and bracelets crafted from 18 karat recycled gold. All available in a finish of yellow, white and rose, so you can make your piece your own.

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If you love a traditional bangle style, with a solid band, then choose one with a lab-diamond twist. These bangles bring sparkle to every arm party, with rows of carefully cut diamonds to draw the eye and complete everyday looks. With our bangles, you’ll always have a row of sparkle at your sleeve.

Styling lab-grown diamond bangle bracelets

Once you’ve found your diamond bracelet, set it against all your favourite jewelry. There are no rules. But if you’re looking for pointers, we like to double up on shine by teeming bracelets with diamond necklaces, layering up a full look for the everyday. Or keep the focus on the hands and set off the sparkle of your bangle against lab-diamond rings. And you can always add more bracelets and bangles to stack on one wrist, or across both arms, if you don’t do diamonds by halves.

Choose lab-made diamond bangle bracelets

Not everyone thinks to wear their diamonds on their sleeve, but we celebrate bold choices here at KIMAI. And that’s exactly what you’ll be making when you pick a diamond bangle that’s helping drive transparency across the fine jewelry industry. An industry we love, and want to sustain for the future. 

Buy lab-grown diamond bangle bracelets

Find your style and add it to your basket, knowing it’s been handmade by artisan jewelry designers here in Antwerp. Home to the traditional diamond trade. Our team are always on hand if you have any questions about your jewelry, and will be here to make sure you’re happy with your KIMAI piece at every wear.

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