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Jewelry is no longer a guilty pleasure

Gone are the days of murky supply chains and intimidating standards. We’re on a mission to make luxury luxurious.

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Lab-grown diamonds,

Clear in every way

Our Promise

Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown Diamonds

The same ingredients with the same results. But far less social and environmental impact.

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Luxury means transparency

This isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being conscious. Fine jewelry has favoured closed doors and secrecy for too long. It’s time for clarity.  We create products you can truly know, made by partners who share our values. And we do all of this out in the open. No secrets.

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Featured in:

"Surprisingly edgy earrings"
"First to catch our eye was a statement earring by Kimaï"
"Meghan Markle's earrings are a scientific breakthrough"
"They are just about as cool a jewellery company as you can come by"
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