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Frequently Asked Questions

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Orders & Shipping
Returns & Exchange
Size & Fit
Care & Composition

Orders & Shipping

Orders & Shipping

Where do you ship to?

Kimaï ships to Europe, the US and internationally.

Will I be charged duties and taxes?

If you're based in Canada you will be charged taxes and duties upon delivery. If you're based in the US you will be charged taxes and duties upon delivery for orders over $1500.

Please note the customer is responsible for all duty/custom fees associated with the purchase.

Does my order require a signature upon delivery?

Yes, we ask for a signature to make sure your jewelry arrives safely.

When will my order be here?

All of Kimaï’s jewelry is made to order. It takes us 5-7 working days to make your jewelry - longer if it’s a bespoke or customized piece. Can’t wait that long? Contact us and we’ll do our best to speed up the process.

Once your piece left our hands, it should be in yours within 1-2 working days.

Can I change/cancel my order?

As long as your order hasn’t already been shipped we can change or cancel your order. Simply contact us with your order number.

Can you deliver to a PO Box Address?

Unfortunately we can’t deliver to a PO Box Address at this time, as we require a signature upon delivery of all jewelry pieces.

Can I place a custom order?

Yes! We’re here to help you create the custom piece of jewelry of your dreams. Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Does Kimai jewelry come with a warranty?

All Kimaï pieces are designed to last but for peace of mind, your jewelry comes with a two month warranty when you pay for delivery. Our warranty doesn’t cover general wear and tear, breakage, loss, or theft of jewelry and we’re afraid we can’t accept a return if your piece has been altered by another jeweler.

Where’s my package?

We use DHL Express for all our orders. You can track your Kimaï order anytime on DHL Express. If it says your order has been delivered but it’s not with you, please contact us and we’ll get on the case.

Returns & Exchange

Returns & Exchange

What is your return policy?

Changed your mind?​ We’re happy to refund unworn, unmarked jewelry if returned within five days of receipt.

Unfortunately we can’t accept returns on rings, customized or bespoke pieces.

How do I return an item?

To request a return, simply ​contact us​ ​and we will send you a prepaid shipping label with our return instructions.

Are returns free?

Provided your Kimai jewelry is returned to us in its original condition, we will happily refund you the full amount minus the cost of shipping.

Can I return a bespoke/customized item?

Unfortunately because bespoke/customized jewelry pieces are made just for you we can’t offer you a refund unless it’s faulty.

When will I receive my refund?

Once we’ve received your return we’ll be in touch to let you know it’s been processed. Please note, it can take up to 5-10 business days for us to process your return so please be patient!

What is your exchange policy?

Seen something else you prefer? We can arrange an exchange for you provided you’re happy to cover the additional return and delivery costs. Simply ​contact us​ to start the exchange process.

What can I do if my jewelry breaks?

Don’t panic – it happens to the best of us. And we can help you get it fixed. ​Contact us​ ​for more details.

Size & Fit

Size & Fit

Can I adjust the size of my Kimaï jewelry?

Want your necklace or bracelet longer? Feel free to contact us and we will make it happen.

How can I measure my ring size?

Check out our handy ​size chart ​to measure your ring size.

Care & Composition

Care & Composition

Where is Kimaï jewelry made?

All of our jewelry is handmade in Antwerp, Belgium, by skilled artisans.

How is Kimaï jewelry made?

At Kimaï, all of our rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are made with 100% recycled 18K solid gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Is all Kimaï jewelry made using 18k gold?

At Kimaï, our jewelry is always made using 18k solid gold.

How are Kimaï lab-grown diamonds made?

Visit ​Our Diamonds ​page to learn more about how Kimaï’s lab-grown diamonds are made.

What’s the difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds?

Kimaï diamonds are identical both chemically and physically to mined diamonds - the only difference is that they’re made in a lab. Grown using the same environment, the growing conditions have been engineered to produce an identical diamond without the social and environmental impact of mining.

Can I wear my Kimaï jewelry in water?

Yes! As all our pieces are made with 18K solid gold so there's no harm wearing them in water. Water will not damage the metal itself, but it can reduce the shine.



What does recycled gold mean?

​We use 100% recycled gold, derived from recycled 18K gold old jewelry.

Is recycled gold cheaper?

Recycled gold is not cheaper, as the price of gold is set based on market value.

Does 18k gold fade?

18K gold​ will not fade, as it is solid gold. However, 18K gold plated​ jewelry will​ fade over time, and affect the color of the jewelry. At Kimaï, we specifically use 18K ​solid​ gold to provide our clients with high quality pieces of jewelry that resist time, and can be passed onto generations.

How do you clean Kimaï's jewelry?

The easiest way to clean your Kimaï jewelry at home would be to fill a bowl with 2 cups warm water and several drops mild dish detergent. Soak your 18-karat gold jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes. Scrub the gold jewelry with a soft baby toothbrush or a cotton swab then rinse it with water.



Give it to me straight - are lab diamonds real diamonds?

Lab diamonds are real diamonds. Kimaï diamonds are identical in chemical composition to mined diamonds, only they’re made using solar energy in a lab. All that’s different between lab and mined diamonds is the impact our lab diamonds have socially and ecologically – which is significantly less.

How are Kimaï diamonds made?

Visit our diamonds to learn about the process.

Can you tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and mined diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds - a gemologist wouldn't be able to tell them apart at a naked eye or even a microscope. Only specific machines can differ a lab grown diamond to a mined one.

Are lab grown diamonds GIA, HRD or IGI certified?

Yes, ​GIA, HRD, and IGI all grade lab grown diamonds. At Kimaï, we mostly use IGI grading reports but upon request we can get larger stones a GIA or HRD certificate. All our pieces that are above 0.5ct come with one of these certificates.

Do Lab created diamonds sparkle?

Lab diamonds do sparkle! As much as a mined diamonds. The sparkle of a diamond will always depends on the stone’s characteristics such as clarity, cut and polish, and lab diamonds are no different. Since the physical characteristics of a mined and lab diamond are not different, their sparkles isn’t different either!

Do Lab created diamonds have flaws?

Lab grown diamonds are grown the same way as mined diamonds (but in a lab!) - therefore they have flaws just like mined ones. Each one of Kimaï’s lab diamonds is unique and has its own characteristics.

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