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Lab Grown Diamond Piercings Earrings

Love Lab-created Diamond Piercings Earrings

What’s not to love? These piercings earrings go with everything, from chunkier hoops, climbers and cuffs to studs of different stylings. Wear them everyday, or on any day you like, as one of the most versatile pieces in your jewelry box. What’s more, each stud has been carefully crafted from 18k recycled, solid gold and features diamonds created in a lab and not mined from the earth. Which is a real feel-good boost, knowing your jewelry has been ethically made and you’re leading the charge for a more sustainable future in fine jewelry.

Our collection of lab made diamond piercings earrings

Across the collection, you’ll see different styles and influences. Each piercing stud is unique, detailed, and brings a different style of sparkle to love. There’s the Mini Sun, which is a ray of gold and shimmer. Or the sharp Emblem stud, which offsets softer shapes perfectly for a balanced look. Clarity provides an all-seeing eye, which we love to stack with other studs across one ear for maximum detailing. 

Styling diamond piercings earrings

A natural ally, our Hoops provide the perfect partner for Piercings and can be mixed and matched in any combination. The Remi Hoop will set off any stud for maximum sparkle. Perhaps rethink what a hoop can be with a Lena ring of diamonds next to a simple stud setting. Or, just enjoy adding a little diamond detailing to your day by wearing a single stud on each ear. Whether they match as a set or not is entirely up to you.

Buy lab grown diamond piercings earrings

Every earring is handmade in Antwerp, and every diamond has the same chemical and physical properties of a mined diamond. So you’ll be getting the perfect piece of jewelry designed to last, designed to make both you and our planet happy.

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