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Lab Grown Diamond Statement Earrings - Yellow Gold

Choose Lab-created Diamond Statement Earrings

Shop with confidence, wear with pride. These standout designs are all hand-crafted by creative, experienced jewelry designers in the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp, Belgium. Each piece is a scene-stealing creation, made with diamonds created in a lab. So the sustainability story behind your new piece is just as headline-worthy.

How to shop statement earrings?

It’s simple. Fall for the piece that speaks to you most. There’s Galaxy, which wraps diamonds around the lobe and nestles into an orb shape. Or check out Bold, which simulates a hoop but stretches from top to bottom of your lobe for an intriguing stud shape. Try Brilliant for a curtain of shimmer across your neck: a piece we love to contrast with a short stud on the other side. Whichever of our lab-created diamond statement earrings you pick, you’ll be sure to enjoy its dazzle, craftsmanship and standout sparkle.

Styling lab-made diamond statement earrings

Because each piece is sold as a single earring, you can create something extra special by teaming your showpiece with a refined Piercings stud or single Hoop. Drama on one side, restraint on the other, for the perfect balance. Of course, each statement piece is designed to make its own mark, and doesn’t need anything else to shine. Just wear, go, and watch the compliments come.

Buy lab-grown diamond statement earrings

When you pick your perfect piece, make it your own by choosing white gold, rose gold or classic gold as a finish. Our team will be on hand from the first click to make sure you’re happy with your purchase, and we always welcome reviews from our KIMAI tribe. We’ve created standout jewelry with a standout backstory to match, with show-stopping diamonds that are lab made, and identical in every way to mined stones - just without the environmental and social impact. 

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