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All import taxes and duties are included in the price (for EU, UK, Switzerland & US deliveries only).

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How to Choose an Engagement Ring in 4 Simple Steps

Ring Guide

There’s never been more choice when it comes to picking an engagement ring. As great as that is, it can be a little daunting knowing where to begin. For example, should you start with stone, or with setting? What’s the most important thing to know about diamonds? Thankfully, we can answer these questions and more with our guide to picking an engagement ring in four simple steps.

First, we’ll cover practical considerations such as your budget. Then, we'll help you determine the style of ring that suits you best. This includes looking at factors like diamond shapes, precious metal colors, and the shape and style of setting. We’ll also offer an introduction to the basics of diamond grading, and the key factors you’ll want to look out for before picking out your stone. Finally, we’ll cover how to get your ring size right – as not all engagement rings can be resized at a later date.

Remember, more than ever, people are getting engaged and married their way and creating their own traditions. As a result, there’s a greater variety of engagement rings to choose from. This is your chance to find a ring that really reflects you and your unique love story. So whether you’re shopping for him or for her, follow our four easy steps to finding the perfect engagement ring to treasure.

1. Set a Budget

First, figure out a guide price of what you’d like to pay. Budget setting is a smart way to focus your search and will help guide decisions on things like carat size, clarity and cut. The great news is lab-made diamond engagement rings are far more cost-effective than their mined equivalents, yet they’re identical in every way.

Start with style

Next, think about which engagement ring styles you and your partner are drawn to most. Do you gravitate towards vintage styles, classic design, or something bold and contemporary? Consider yours or your partner’s existing wardrobe, jewelry collection, and overall style. Your engagement ring should reflect personality as much as it should any particular tradition. There’s lots of factors that ultimately determine an engagement ring’s style, and we’ll cover two key ones below: the setting and the band.

Different Types of Settings


When we think about types of engagement rings, we often think of the cut of the diamond. But the setting – meaning the band and everything about the ring that isn’t its hero diamond – is a key factor in determining the style of your ring. Here are some of the different types of diamond engagement ring settings to look out for.

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring has one, central diamond on a simple metallic band. It’s one of the most recognisable and classic forms of engagement rings there is.

Toi et Moi Ring

A Toi et Moi ring refers to two diamonds on one band, which is an eye-catching way to symbolise two loves becoming one. 

Halo or Pavé Ring

Pavé, or halo rings are diamond engagement things that feature multiple, smaller diamonds. A halo ring uses smaller diamonds to complement a hero diamond, whereas a pavé ring looks like a row or ‘paving’ of sparkle across the band.

Eternity Ring

Some people even choose an eternity ring, with its continuous row of unbroken diamonds, are their engagement ring style too. There are no rules, so get to know all the different styles and settings before picking the perfect piece for you.

Castle Eternity

Metals and Finishes


Another key factor in determining the style of an engagement ring is the type of metal, color and finish you choose. All Kimai rings are finished in 18k recycled yellow, white, rose or platinum gold. It’s up to you what colour band you go for, though a white or platinum gold can make a diamond with a high grade of clarity really pop. And a yellow or rose gold can add a romantic or antique touch to your setting.

Castle Eternity

3. Pick Out Your Diamond

Now it’s time to choose your diamond. Start with the shape – which can also determine the style of your ring – then get to know how diamonds are classified. These choices go hand in hand, as the shape of your diamond may inform the size, weight and quality stone you ultimately opt for.

Diamond Shapes



A round diamond is a classic engagement style, as it’s been cut for maximum sparkle whatever the size or weight of the stone. 


Similar to the round diamond, an oval shape can bring plenty of sparkle and may appear bigger in size than it actually is.


Based on a commission by Louis XV for his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, the Marquise is a striking diamond that will give any ring setting a distinctive and stylistic point of view.


The teardrop or ‘pear’ shaped ring is incredibly versatile. It can appear vintage or contemporary, depending on the ring’s design, and is always a standout shape whatever the setting.

Elongated Radiant

This diamond is square in shape but has the brilliance of a round diamond thanks to its curved edges. It’s the best of both worlds: classic sparkle and modern design.


A cushion diamond has a larger surface area, a square shape, and soft curved edges. It generally has the greatest light dispersion of all the shapes.


Know The 4Cs


There’s a lot of science that goes into the grading of diamonds. But the most important thing to know when picking out an engagement ring is what the 4Cs are, and how each impacts the characteristics of your stone.

The 4Cs are Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat and together they make up a universal system for classifying diamonds. Carat measures the weight, clarity is about any imperfections, cut measures how light interacts with its facets, and colour is about how much or how little colouration there is in the stone. When choosing your diamond, you’ll be able to find a balance of all 4Cs that works best for you. For example, if sparkle is the most important thing for you, you could opt for a smaller stone with a particularly brilliant cut to reflect your taste and budget.


4. Get The Size Right

It’s important to get the size of your engagement ring right from the start, as it may be harder to resize certain styles later on. You can measure size by checking an existing ring, or by measuring your finger. Thankfully with Kimai, you can secure your ring style and then confirm the size at a later date. We’ll even send you a free ring sizer so you can be sure you’re making an accurate choice.

For more information, read our in-depth guide to picking an engagement ring for her.

If you’re ready to browse, start shopping for your engagement ring.

Ring Guide

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