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Jasmine's Story

As part of our Second Life project, we restore and remodel beloved pieces of jewelry so they can be worn for many years to come. Like when we helped wellness expert and author Jasmine Hemsley remake a treasured vintage ring into a contemporary new statement piece.

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What's the story behind your original piece?

This ring was a gift from my partner Nick Hopper more than 10 years ago - it was a surprise birthday purchase when we were perusing the jewellery at the Anina Vogel stand in Liberty’s London - an old cut yellow diamond oval set as the centrepiece to a circle of smaller old cut diamonds like a flower on a thin engraved band. I loved the story of this piece - these diamonds were remodelled from an old Victorian brooch.

What made you decide to give it a new life/refresh?

While I still loved the look of the ring I had stopped wearing it as I felt my hands didn’t really do it justice! Something about the shape was putting me off and it suddenly felt a bit dull, the diamond settings that I had previously admired felt like they were absorbing the sparkle. When I found out about Kimai’s redesign service I immediately thought about this ring and how exciting it would be to take it to its next chapter in life.

Second life jasmine

The Design Process

What inspired / made you choose the new design?

I wanted something completely different. The old ring was a big cluster on a thin decorated band and using my Instagram saved board I wanted something bigger in band and more understated in detail. A scroll through the Kimai feed had me stop on the Simone engagement ring which felt exactly like what I was looking for

How did you find the design process with the team?

This was the easiest part! I sent my ideas and pics of my ring by Whatsapp, we swapped a few ideas in this way and then meeting in person and trying on rings styles it was a faster process than I had scheduled in for and just as fulfilling! They totally got my vision and when the design sketch came through I signed it off straight away. Receiving the ring was like one of those feel good movies with a transformation at the end. It was Sandy’s makeover in Grease ha ha!

Photo 9-05-22 17 39 00

What does jewellery mean to you?

It’s expression, and I especially love rings as I work so much with my hands, even typing this Q&A and seeing the conscious curation of my hand jewellery makes me feel put together even if there isn’t a drop of makeup on my face and my hair is still up in a bedtime pineapple knot from the night before! I love the story behind these little treasures. And now I’m a mum I think about passing these on to children and grandchildren and how special that is.

Interested in reimagining your old jewelry? Get in touch with our design team to get started on your project today!

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