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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

No ring sizer? No problem. We show you three easy tips for how to measure your ring size at home and the things to consider when you are buying a ring. Whether you are looking to invest in an engagement ring, or treat yourself or someone else to a gold ring, there are a few simple steps you can take to measure your ring size, without leaving your sofa.

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Kimai Remi Rings

Ring Sizes

U.S. ring sizes follow a scale of numbers (and half numbers), typically from ring size 3 to 13.5 for adults. Women’s rings average between sizes 3-9, while men’s rings are usually between 8-14. Those units match up to your finger’s width in millimetres. So for example, ring size 3 fits a finger that is 14mm across, and the sizes climb from there.

What to Consider Before Buying a Ring

  • Consider your knuckle - if your knuckle is slightly larger than average, you might want to go for a ring that is half a size up from what you measure. This is so you can easily slide the ring to where you want it to sit.

  • Size accuracy - you don’t want to get this wrong, so measure your ring size a few times to make sure it’s accurate

  • Timing - consider when you measure your finger, because you fingers swell and shrink depending on the temperature and environment

Ring Measurement

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Option 1:

Use string or floss (or anything lying around that isn’t too stretchy)

  • Take a measuring tool and wrap it around the base of your finger and mark where the string or floss overlaps first

Ring Measurement

And then

  • Line the string up with the ruler and where you have market, should be your length in millimetres 

Kimai Ring Sizer

Option 2:

Place a ring you already have that fits the same finger and measure it on our Kimaï ring sizer app - it should match the circumference of your ring.

You can then use these measurements and take them with you to find your perfect fit!

Kimai Ring Sizer

Option 3:

Buy a simple ring sizer - they are reusable and inexpensive.

Now you know your ring size, shop Kimaï rings here.

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