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All import taxes and duties are included in the price (for EU, UK, Switzerland & US deliveries only).

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14 Weddings and A Bridesmaid

How many is too many weddings? 

Picture this. You’re at home, minding your own business and you're suddenly interrupted by the sound of post being delivered. Is it a package? The electricity bill you've been dreading? Neither. It's another wedding invite!

Written by Abby Forbes

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Wedding season is in full swing, and for some of us, that means attending a lot of weddings and I mean a LOT. Times are changing and it seems the days of only going to your best friend's wedding or your uncle's third ( no comment) once every five years have vanished. In its place, like a scene out of 27 Dresses, you have now become an invitee to not one, not two but multiple weddings and all within months of each other. In actuality, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise given the boost in lockdown proposals, the delay and rescheduling of postponed weddings and the increase in more and more couples getting married currently. It was predicted that there would be 2.5 million weddings in 2022 alone which is the most since 1984

From the first "save the date" to the final dance at the reception, being a guest can be a thrilling and exciting experience. It's a time to celebrate love, connect with old friends, and create lasting memories. But as the invitations pile up, it's also a time to navigate the logistics, expenses, and emotions that come with attending so many weddings all at once and not to mention the outfits! Speaking to Co-Founder Jess, we'll explore some of the joys and challenges of being a frequent wedding guest and offer tips on how to make the most of your wedding season.


Meet Jess- aka the serial wedding go-er

We sat down with our very own Co-Founder Jess who went to not one, not two but fourteen weddings, all in the space of one year.


In total how many weddings did you go to?

14 weddings which included going to Sidney's ( Co-Founder of Kimaï and my best friend) weddings

Where were they all based? 

Absolutely everywhere! From Israel and Marrakech to Italy, France and Belgium


Did you have to buy a new outfit for each wedding? 

Definitely not haha! I wore the same dresses 2-3 times and wore old dresses I had as well. Also managed to borrow some dresses from friends too. It would have been impossible to have a new one for each occasion. 

What was the most surprising thing about going to so many weddings at once?

Although you kind of become fed up with it at one point because you're exhausted, you still really enjoy each of them, and each one of them is different and unique based on the couple and the location. Its memories for life.


Key tips for your next function

  • Rent your wedding look 

Have a bunch of weddings to attend this year but no clue what to wear or the budget to buy something new? Why not rent your look? Save £10 on your first rental when you join using this link*: 

  • Invest in staples

Shop for jewelry pieces that you can stack and style in different ways to create looks that compliment any outfit. Our top picks? The Duo or the Subtle necklace. 

  • Have fun!

It might only be your third but feeling like your fourteenth but as Jess mentioned, it was always a great and fun time making memories with the ones you love.