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Hi co-founders Jessica and Sydney here
Hi co-founders Jessica and Sydney here
Our Story
Our Story


There’s always been murkiness surrounding how fine jewelry is made. Growing up in Antwerp with families in the diamond trade, we were frustrated by the lack of transparency in the industry. A diamond often exchanges hands over 20 times after being mined, making it almost impossible to know where it definitely came from and under what conditions it was pulled from the earth.

Kimai is our way of channeling our heritage into a modern jewelry brand that delivers true traceability. By using recycled gold and lab grown diamonds, which are physically and chemically identical to mined, we can cut out all the murky middlemen and control the whole jewelry process, from design to delivery.


Our fine jewelry is made to last. We use only solid 18k gold — that’s strong enough to withstand daily life and means no plating that might wear away over time. Then of course, our gold is studded with diamonds, which everyone knows are some of the strongest stones on earth. If you are looking for a special occasion piece, we also offer engagement rings and wedding bands that put our Kimai twist on traditional designs.


Everything is made-to-order just for you. We make sure to keep in touch with you from the moment you place your order until that green pouch reaches your doorstep. Although we're doing things differently, we haven't completely turned away from our Belgian heritage. We still enjoy waffles with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and we still make our jewelry in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, in partnership with trusted goldsmiths, polishers and setters.

We track every step of our jewelry's journey from the diamond lab and gold recycler to each of the independent makers we work with to bring your piece to life. High-quality, low-impact, and full traceability – it's that simple.

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