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Lab Diamond Carat Size: Decoded

Carat (ct) is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. We take you through the different weights and what to look out for when buying a diamond.

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Let’s start with the technical stuff. A Carat is a measurement of weight, but it’s an incredibly small amount of weight. So think of a carat as a special term used in the diamond industry for weight, and 1ct equals the same as 0.2g. Diamond prices are calculated by weight and the industry measures the prices by ranges, see the graph for more.

The common misconception when it comes to buying diamonds, is that the stone’s size is synonymous with its weight. This isn’t necessarily true. Whilst it’s likely that if the weight is heavier, the diamond is likely to be bigger, there are other important determining factors. Cut and color! If a diamond is cut poorly, the weight will remain, but it will be hidden at the bottom and the top surface will look smaller.

Carat Sizes:

There are some special diamond carat weights, such as ½ carat, ¾ carat and a full carat. And there’s little difference between a 0.01 and 0.03ct diamond when it comes to visual aesthetics, except for the price. So the diamond carat you decide to choose, really comes down to your personal budget. What matters more are the other factors: the other Cs!

Carat size buying tips:

1. Consider your budget - as we said, a higher carat weight doesn’t necessarily mean a better diamond

2. Remember the 4Cs - all should be considered when buying a diamond, if it has a high carat weight, it won’t necessarily good clarity and color

3. Suit the finger - not everyone is the same, and the same goes for carat sizes on diamond rings. Larger carat weight stones are more likely to suit wider fingers, whereas a high carat weight on slim fingers will make the ring look more prominent.

At Kimai we can source outside of the average carat weight range if desired, just get in touch with our bespoke team here. And find out more about our high quality grade lab diamonds here.

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