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You don’t have to be on the beach to be able to enjoy the essence of late summer style. Inspired by one of our recently dropped products, the Cascade earring, we bring you some tips on how to style the drop stud. The humble earring has evolved from the days of just the stud and the dangly statement, now there is an in between way to dress your ears for the modern woman.

Hit fresh with the Cascade.
Hit fresh with the Cascade.
Hit fresh with the Cascade.

An example of how to style the drop stud, with our Cascade earring:

Cascade 01

Style 1:

Wear as a stand alone piece. Let the perlee shine on your earlobe and tie your hair back in a low bun for a more modern contrast.

Cascade 02

Style 2:

Layer up. The trend is easy to pull off and it’s all about proportion. Try an earful of studs - we recommend teaming with our Drops, Clarity and Ear Cuff.

Cascade 03

Style 3:

Fake it. If you want to try something with more of an edge, but not go all out on the layers, then pair the Cascade with our Cuff - it slides on, so only one piercing is required.

Whichever style you choose, you can use earrings to compliment your face shape, hairstyle and really elevate your complete look.

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