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All import taxes and duties are included in the price (for EU, UK, Switzerland & US deliveries only).

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Sjana Elise, a Yoga and Wellness teacher

This week we’ve been chatting with Sjana Elise, a Yoga and Wellness teacher who embraces health and wholesome living.

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How did you first get into yoga?

Yoga actually found me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I found it at 18 when I was going through a really hard period and struggling with severe anxiety and depression. It truly saved my life - that connection to my breath and my body will always feel like returning HOME.

You’ve built a huge community, any tips for someone else starting out?

Just be authentic. That sounds cliche, but it's said so often for a reason! There's a famous Dr Seuss quote that I always think about - "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".

I'm continuously learning that I'll never be able to please everyone and I'm becoming increasingly happier within myself the more I release trying to. Your vibration will quite literally attract your community. And I'm not sure about you, but I'd much rather have a smaller community of people who truly want to see each other thrive and grow, than a huge community that doesn't really care. Food for thought I guess.

Who do you want to build this community with and for? And what is your intention or the purpose of building this community?

React accordingly.


You’ve recently launched your next set of retreats. What made you start doing them?

I sort of fell into hosting retreats, to be honest! And I could not be more grateful to have done so! Hosting and facilitating Retreats truly feels like one of my biggest "why's" in this life. I feel in complete alignment, I feel connected, I feel like I'm in service, on purpose and able to show up and contribute to something far greater than myself. Being in those sorts of spaces is wild! The sorts of connections and friendships that are formed from radical vulnerability in such a short space of time, are nothing short of profound! 

I host Retreats both solo and with my partner - he is an Emotional and Trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, so pairing yoga and wellness with deep transformational breathwork practices is like the perfect duo! 

We're hosting 2 more this year! One in Greece, July 22-27th and another in Peru Nov 18-25th! 

If you're reading this and interested in learning more you can head over to and see if joining us for a retreat feels right for you! We'd love to have you be a part of these life-changing experiences with us! :)

Top 3 favourite Kimai pieces?

Ooooh there are sooo many that are drop-dead gorgeous!!

The Gold Atlas Necklace

The Gold Ally Ring

And the Gold Open Heart Hoop Earrings


What’s next for you this year?

Good question!

I'll be travelling again in a few weeks' time! To host and teach retreats and events around the globe! Hopefully, in a few months, I can come back to Byron, ground down a little and start building the next chapter! Stay tuned!! :)

Thanks for chatting with us Sjana! If you want to follow her journey you can find her here or you can sign up to her retreat is Greece or Peru