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No mines, No middlemen, No mark-ups.

Fine Jewelry that’s fairly made and fairly priced too. It’s that simple.

Recycled Gold

All our gold is 100% recycled. Our suppliers source this from forgotten pieces people no longer use. These 18 carat treasures are then sent to our Goldsmiths and reworked into our Kimai creations. As good as new - actually better.


No more closed doors - you deserve some facts; lab grown diamonds don’t dig up earth or disrupt communities. Our stones are chemically and physically identical to their mined cousins, but with none of the baggage.

Handmade in Antwerp

Kimaï jewelry is made in Antwerp by some of the city’s most talented jewellers. We know each designer and visit each workshop. So we can be confident in ethical practices and fair wages.


Our processes mean we are certain on the origins of each stone and the journey it's made. Kimaï  pieces are shipped directly to you – avoiding retailer markups or hidden costs. More sustainable and more attainable too.

Each piece of ethical jewelry is packaged sustainably and sent via a carbon neutral service. So that green box you’re unwrapping, really is green.

Still have questions about transparency or any step of our process?
Still have questions about transparency or any step of our process?
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